Dyson Perrins Digital Prospectus - page 7

Dyson Perrins is a caring, Christian community, where
students learn spiritual, moral, social and cultural values
as we prepare them for adulthood and the wider world.
Excellent pastoral care is supported by the fact that we
worship, reflect and celebrate together throughout the
school year. Students support each other at Dyson Perrins
and our superb peer-to-peer mentoring scheme ensures
that our children are listened to and their needs met.
Dedicated Heads of Year, Pastoral Managers and our
Chaplain work together to ensure that all aspects of your
child’s development is looked after. We listen to the views
of our students through our effective Student Parliament
and seek to implement the changes and initiatives they
suggest for the ongoing improvement of their school
environment and experience.
We have the highest expectations of behaviour and our
children respond positively to this in the way that they
conduct themselves in lessons and around the school.
“Students behave well in lessons and around the
academy; they are polite, courteous and considerate
to their peers and to staff.”
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