Dyson Perrins Digital Prospectus - page 5

Our unrelenting focus on raising standards across
all aspects of school life ensures students make good
progress, whatever their starting points.
Focused teaching and active learning have led to us
exceeding both local and national averages in all key
GCSE accountability measures as achievement at our
school continues to go from strength to strength.
Children are challenged to push themselves in both
academic and vocational subjects by a talented teaching
staff who promote high expectations and aspirations.
We encourage our learners to adopt a growth-mindset
approach, constantly seeking to achieve their goals and
responding to feedback from their teachers in order to
develop. Our teachers plan their lessons and learning
activities to cater for the needs of all learners, enabling
our most able to achieve the highest grades and
ensuring that those students with additional needs
are exceptionally well supported.
“There is a very positive working atmosphere in classrooms and
this contributes well to the good progress students make.”
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