Dyson Perrins Digital Prospectus - page 3

Dyson Perrins is a happy and successful Church School,
committed to providing the very best education for your
sons and daughters.
Our aim is simple; we want our students to develop
academically and personally so that they can achieve
their potential and enjoy a bright future. Learning at
Dyson Perrins is exciting, challenging and designed to help
your children make progress and succeed. We pride ourselves
on supporting our students to ensure that every individual
child gets the best out of their education and feels valued
as a member of our close-knit school community.
It is a privilege to lead this great school and I am incredibly
proud of our collective achievements. I look forward to
welcoming and working with you and your children in
the coming years.
Best wishes, Stuart Wetson, Headteacher
“The Headteacher has created a strong team of academy leaders.
Together with governors who share the same determination, they have
relentlessly pursued improvement in all areas of the academy.”
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